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WELCOME to Gold Wing Road Riders Association (GWRRA), Minnesota Chapter "N", is based in the South Metro area of Minneapolis and St. Paul!

Please join us for fun and safe motorcycle riding, as well as lots of non-riding activities!

Check out our events page for all,the details.

Our safe miles are over 80,000. Thanks for sharing your safe miles with Scott Neurauter. Let's see if we can meet 100,000 by the end of our riding season this year. 

If you have any questions feel free to contact us. We would love to answer any questions about the chapter.

There is a link available to find out more about GWRRA and to join on the Links page.

Have a question? Contact any member of the chapter staff listed on the Contact page, or the webmaster Jim Rivord.

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As you know I don’t invest a lot of time in Facebook, so I am not especially proficient in creating  links.  That said, if you copy the following link and enter it into your browser, you will hopefully see several videos of cranberry harvest, including the one Larry posted in 2017....Click the title for the full post

How It's Made Goldwing Motorcycles YouTube Video   Joanne Carlson | 6/20/2018
We noticed this video link posted by Jim Rivord and thought we would share it on our site as well.  A nice recap of how they build motorcycles. If the link doesn't work when you click it, you may have to copy it from this post and paste it into your browser. the title for the full post
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