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Chapter Directors Clarence and Lois Chapman | 10/10/2021

Hi all;

So has anyone checked out the Website lately? You may have noticed a few changes.

 There is some more to come but we are off to a GREAT start. So if you haven’t logged into the Site be sure to check it out.

Thanks to Al Lajiness for helping to organize and write some HTML to get some things added to the Home Page like the new Supporters section complete with links. And you may or may not have noticed that the Ride Meet Points are in a different order that seems a little more in order. 

And thanks to Jim Rivord for finishing up what we started even though you have bee working your real job a bunch.

Oh and I had to ask Jim Rivord  because when I  brought up the site on my computer it still had the old format. He told me  “ On your computer hit Ctrl-F5. That will force a refresh of your cache.”  Worked like a charm!

Have a great week..See you Thursday. 




Name Chapter Directors Clarence and Lois Chapman
Correction notice. I had the wrong Al that helped with the website. Al Humiston is the correct person.