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Mary Adams Memorial Ride In Summary by Joy Mattson
Chapter Directors Clarence and Lois Chapman | 10/20/2021

| 10/20/2021

Joy sent me this very nice summary of the Mary Adams Memorial Run which took place in August. 

Scott and I, along with several others from Minnesota, were able to take part in the Mary Adams Memorial Ride Inn August 26 – 29 in Dubuque, IA. This was also known as the Multi State Ride In or MIWIND, hosted by the states of Minnesota, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota. At the Ride Inn in Worthington, MN (September 2020), this multi-state ride inn became a vision of Mary’s and planning started. Then tragically, Mary passed from Covid. Thanks to the District Directors of all of the noted states, Mary’s vision became a reality. And what a great time we had!!

The campground is an island in the river in Dubuque so we saw boat traffic and, across the river, trains. Scott and I had decided we were going to camp which honestly may not have been the best idea because of the heat and humidity. But, because we expected it, we came prepared with large mugs and plenty of water. Thankfully, we had also brought two fans with us and had electric at our campsite. And, a convenience store not too far away to keep our ice and snacks in check.

Friday started with a guided ride of the Wisconsin countryside and some really picturesque stops. The ride point was the rest stop just to the east over the bridge from Dubuque. 30 bikes and approximately 50 people showed up for the ride so we broke into two groups and headed out. About 3 miles into the ride, it started to rain but it was welcome. Did I mention it was hot and humid that weekend??

The first stop was only about 15 minutes down the road – the Grotto in Dickeysville, WI. What a beautiful piece of work! After that, we headed out to some really fun twisties and lunch in Mineral Springs at The Pointer Café. They handled all 50 of us with no problem and talk about good food! A simple tuna salad sandwich was just what the tummy ordered - light and tasty!! Then, many headed straight back to Dubuque while others continued riding to the end of the route.

Saturday included more riding. Two groups, each going in different directions. I hear everyone had a great ride even though it was……hot and humid.

Dinner on Friday night was provided by the Wisconsin District; Dinner on Saturday night was provided by the Minnesota District. Simple food was just perfect, and it was really good!! Then, we finished off both evenings with a movie.

Scott and I are both looking forward to next year’s ride inn. We hope more will join the fun and camaraderie next year!! And make sure you have enough room for all your gear.,,,,wet/dry/hot/cool you might need it all!